Vote for Reineke

Vote for Reineke

In a political climate where there is a great deal of skepticism in the motivation of politicians, I wanted to take the opportunity to applaud Bill Reineke for stepping forward. Bill Reineke is running for state representative for the 88th District, and knowing Bill personally, I know he is running with one motivating factor, to represent our communities for the better of the whole.

There is not a personal gain for Bill in this new venture, as he is adding more work, more communication, new skill sets and time away from his family. The only gain I can see, besides a stronger, more thriving community in which he lives, is his obvious move from a life focused on success to a life focused on significance and service.

I have know Bill for more than 20 years and I have seen his strength not only as a father and a businessman, but also as someone with great compassion. Seneca County should be very proud as we recently have had many good people step foward at a time when you would expect them to be enjoying the fruits of their labors instead of agreing to serve the public. I believe in Bill to do what is right in making our communities stronger and more fiscally sound by being the kind of leader who will seek out new business and industries and build relationships that benefit both sides. I think we are fortunate to have a candidate be able to use what has worked for them in their successes, and embrace it and share that formula to improve our state.

I urge you not only to vote, but to vote for Bill Reineke as the write-in candidate for the 88th District. Please take the time to step forward and vote when a man of such integrity is willing to sacrifice so much of his future for the better of ours.

Karen Klepper,