TCS served him well

Tiffin City Schools has provided me with a solid foundation for my future, which has propelled me at Heidelberg University.

Many teachers have been an integral part of my educational foundation. I serve as chairman of Heidelberg’s School of Business Dean’s Student Advisory Board and would like to thank Stacey Geiger for opening me up to business and pushing me to excel in and out of the classroom.

I am a member of the Heidelberg football team and two of Heidelberg’s honorary societies, and I feel Mrs. Geiger’s theory of being the “Purple Cow,” or standing out of the crowd, is something I’ve tried to live up to.

I would also like to thank Chip Weingart for being a mentor and role model. I was lucky enough to learn a few things from him besides math.

These teachers are just two examples of how Tiffin City Schools has molded me to be the best overall individual inside and outside of the classroom. For this, I would suggest the community continue to support Tiffin City Schools and vote to renew the $1.6 million levy.

Bryce Riggs,