Renew the TCS levy

We have children attending Tiffin City Schools and we support the Tiffin City Schools levy renewal on the May 6 ballot. We always have valued the educational resources through the school.

We also have been able to build supportive relationships with the teachers, coaches, principals and staff at each school building. Our children are receiving an excellent education, as well as having access to extracurricular activities, transportation and other activities. These opportunities support their social, physical, mental and educational well-being.

We are asking the community to continue to support these resources in our local schools. The children in our community need the investment now in order to become successful leaders and citizens for the future. Please support Tiffin City Schools’ levy for all of our children’s future.

Leonard and Robin Reaves,


Renew the TCS levy

The Ohio School Boards Association strongly encourages residents to vote for Tiffin City School District’s 4.67-mill renewal levy May 6. This levy will help ensure the district has the funds needed to maintain financial stability. The ballot measure will not require any additional tax dollars from residents because it is a renewal levy.

Public education is the foundation of a community, preparing students for success in college, careers and lifelong learning. Tiffin and school districts across Ohio are working hard to maintain the high-quality instruction and services residents have come to expect during a time of dwindling resources, ever-increasing mandates and challenging economic conditions.

Tiffin has strived to be a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars while maintaining an emphasis on student achievement. The district has a history of strong performance on the state report cards and met 100 percent of the indicators on the most recent assessment. Tiffin’s graduation rate is 92.2 percent, considerably higher than the state average.

Approving this renewal levy now is important for the district and prudent for taxpayers. Renewal levies like this one are exempt from a new law that eliminated the 10-percent and 2.5-percent state share of local property taxes for schools and governments. If this renewal levy were to expire and Tiffin had to go back to voters for new money to replace it, local residents would have to shoulder more of the tax burden as a result of the new law.

This renewal levy will allow Tiffin to focus on what it does best: helping students succeed. By voting for this levy, you are helping maintain educational excellence and ensuring a bright future for children in your community. That’s why, May 6, OSBA urges residents to vote for Tiffin’s renewal levy. It is a wise and much-needed investment in your schools and community.

Jeff Chambers, director of communication services, Ohio School Boards Association