Renew the levy

Tiffin City School District deserves its high reputation. Not that it’s perfect, but it takes in a wide variety of students of varying abilities and interests and works hard to give them the best education possible that will lead them to successful graduation. And it gets high marks for academic success and for careful stewardship of the tax money that we citizens vote for the district’s support.

The job of teacher in our schools is one of the toughest around. Many of us, with or without children in the schools, tell each other we would not want to be in charge of a classroom day in and day out during the school year. If we’ve tried it, we know what it’s about.

We support the schools for their academic achievement, for preparing our kids for college or whatever post-high school direction they decide to take. But we support a whole lot more – music, sports, art, theater – all part of our students’ school lives. Sometimes we forget the taxes we vote for the schools give us more than the all-important grades. Those extra-curricular items enrich our lives and our children’s lives. Let’s not forget that.

The tax levy we will be voting on May 6 is not new money. It is a renewal of current taxes. Please think of that when you vote. Without that tax money, these schools will be in critical financial difficulties. Tiffin City Schools and our community need and deserve your support.

Pat Hillmer,