Renew the H-L levy

Citizens of the Hopewell-Loudon School District are being asked to vote this upcoming primary election, May 6, in support of the 5.24-mill, $570,000 emergency five-year renewal levy replacing the current five-year levy that expires in December 2014. I’m asking you to join me in voting “yes” for this renewal.

My reasons are many. Of course, the students deserve a quality education. Financially providing that is a challenge to every school district these days. Our board has been, I believe, quite frugal in their use of the funds we have. Continuing this levy is a must for the sake of the children.

There are times when we disagree with decisions made by the school board or administration. We think voting against a levy will show our displeasure. Unfortunately, those hurt the most are our children. Please reconsider if you are of this mindset.

This being a renewal levy, the 10-percent rollback and 2.5-percent homestead rollback that have applied to the current 5.24-mill levy will continue to apply as long as we continue to vote to renew this levy. Should the levy be voted down, any succeeding levies asked for the district will not receive these rollbacks. The best deal for the dollar for us taxpayers is to continue to renew this levy, to not let it expire. If you have the homestead credit, you will continue to have that credit.

Hopewell-Loudon pride is alive. The new school is such a tribute to that pride. After my first day volunteering in the elementary this year, I shared with anyone I saw how very pleasant it was working in the building. The beauty of the building, the clean and controlled atmosphere and the staff diligently engaged in the learning process with lots of smiles on their faces make it a great place to be.

Let’s keep those smiles on their faces. Let’s be smart and not give up the rollbacks. Please vote “yes” for the renewal levy.

Roma King,


Renew the H-L levy

May 6, Hopewell-Loudon voters have the opportunity to vote to renew the district’s current operating levy. The levy on the ballot is a 5.24-mill, $570,000, five-year emergency renewal of the current five-year levy expiring in December. This levy is a renewal. It is not a new tax.

Costs of doing business continue to increase. In spite of these increased costs, the district has been able, and will continue, to reduce costs in other areas. The combination of prudent financial operations and the levy renewal will help offset anticipated stagnant state funding and allow the district to operate in a fiscally responsible manner without new taxes. Without the funds from the renewal levy, the district will have a funding deficit in the next 18 months or so.

Hopewell-Loudon is an excellent school district. We have solid academic and extracurricular programs which help make our school a school of choice for district residents and open-enrollment students. Our school provides considerable value to our students and to our taxpayers. Help us to continue to fund the school in a manner that provides a quality education in a fiscally responsible manner to continue to provide value to all district stakeholders. Please vote “yes” for the renewal levy May 6.


Greg and Carol Siebenaller,