Offer addicts hope

Wow! That’s all I could think when I read Tony Vasvary’s letter to the editor. To say “please hurry up and overdose on your heroin, or whatever it is you are shooting up” is pretty sad.

Drugs are awful and people do some pretty bad things when they are on drugs, but there is always hope. That addict is someone’s son, daughter, sibling, etc. I hope that man, or others who think like him, never have to deal with an addicted loved one. It can happen to anyone’s loved one and if you look around, you will see that is a fact.

I can’t believe The A-T printed that part of the letter – wishing someone would die! Really?! I do agree with one thing – why would anyone throw a needle on the ground? Now that is stupidity.

Get educated and try to help someone that wants/needs it. Slamming them and calling them idiots isn’t going to help this epidemic going on in our world.

Angela Young,