Letters inspire thoughts

Roland Zimmerman has written a series of letters addressing the new preschool program Tiffin City Schools hopes to open by the 2015-16 school. Several of the points he made in his letter April 4 discuss how much better students will be who attend the Tiffin preschool.

My question is, what is going to happen to the students who do not get accepted? The proposed preschool is not going to be offered to every preschooler in Tiffin City School District. Will those students who attend another preschool be out in the cold come kindergarten time?

His No. 1 point is about engaging parents and the ability to engage with them for “two more years.” Yet, as I stated before, not all preschoolers will have Tiffin City’s preschool as an option. Will those students and parents lose out? Is there a problem with engaging those parents whose children attend any of the fine preschools this city offers?

His second point about curricula really made me shudder. “By managing our own preschool, we will be able to design curricula that will allow our preschool students to be prepared for a positive kindergarten experience that relates to a positive educational experience.” On the surface, this sounds great, but again, if you dig a little deeper and think not ALL Tiffin City preschoolers will have an opportunity to attend this preschool, it leads one to question: Will these other children fail? Are the current students failing from this lack of being prepared for a “positive kindergarten experience?”

Of course, the answer is no. The preschools in this community have always done a great job of preparing their students for kindergarten.

Mr. Zimmerman and the administration of Tiffin City Schools should be more careful with the rhetoric they use. You can’t try to sell something to a community as a great benefit when not all the members of the community will have the opportunity to participate.

One final point, why is Mr. Zimmerman now writing all these letters to the editor? Why weren’t these written before the special board meeting, where action was to be taken on this matter of the district opening its own preschool? Is it to hide the elephant in the room that the board took no action regarding the unprofessional actions of its superintendent?

This is the quote from board President Shirley Smith, via The A-T: “The actions may have been seen as unprofessional, but did not break any laws.”

If a student had pulled the same stunt as the superintendent, would no action be taken? I don’t think so.

Carissa Allen, Tiffin