Education trumps cost savings

The original goal of the finance committee, when looking at the Family Learning Center preschool, was to see whether Tiffin City Schools could find some way of saving our district money. As I studied the movement of our IEP preschoolers, it became apparent to me there were two issues: taxpayer money and the ability to design a curriculum that would enhance our kindergarten program.

The more I researched preschool programs, the more convinced I was that operating the Tiffin Learning Center Preschool would help prepare our students for educational excellence.

A representative from the Ohio Department of Education assigned to IEP preschools visited Lincoln school, and after reviewing our plan and our facility, the representative stated this move will really help students pass the third grade reading test and better prepare them for kindergarten. It was then I knew the move of our preschool to Lincoln was the right thing to do.

As I studied the issues, the educational advantages become more important than cost savings.

Some of the educational advantages are:

1. By engaging parents in preschool, the Tiffin schools will be able to engage them for two additional years.

2. By managing the Tiffin Learning Preschool, we will be able to design curriculums that will allow preschool students to be prepared for a positive kindergarten experience that relates to a positive educational experience.

3. The typical student openings would be filled by Tiffin City School preschoolers who need additional help to acquire educational success.

Tiffin City Schools guarantee all students achieve success at their full learning potential.

Roland Zimmerman,

Tiffin City Schools board of education