Bouquets, April 26

Park cleanup amazing

I want to give a big “thank you” to all who helped with the Oakley Park cleanup. It was amazing … friends, neighbors, ballplayers, coaches and parents showed up with their rakes and work gloves – and as fast as they could rake, Bryce Kuhn and Matt Coleman would take barrels to the sewer plant to dump. What an amazing sight it was.

Also, thanks for donations from CVS, Kroger, Rite-Aid, Cindy and Wayne Sendelbach, Nancy Stapp, Ken and Peg Ward, Dr. Carol Schafer, Kelly and Blair Fuller, and Rick Fredrick for the popcorn. We all enjoyed a hot dog, popcorn, cookies and water and friendship after our work. I hope other neighborhoods can do the same.

Cindy Jordan,


Ladies Night Out a success

Thank you to all who made our second annual Spring SMYL Spectacular a huge success. About 150 women participated in the Ladies Night Out, which was April 10 at Camden Falls, and we are grateful for their support. We also are thankful for the support of about 100 businesses and individuals who donated to the raffle.

We know we live in a generous community and appreciate everyone’s support as we seek to mentor Seneca County youth to make better choices for a brighter future.

If your child is in need of a mentor or if you would like information about becoming a mentor, contact Jami Opp, case manager, at (419) 443-0981 or senecasmyl@

Seneca Mentoring Youth Links board

Anniversary gift unique

Feb. 1, Gary and Sandra Arnold celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary by hosting a party in the Fort Ball Room of the Seneca County Museum. Gary and Sandy’s children and grandchildren arrived early to prepare the Fort Ball Room with decorations of red roses and many photos from their wedding day of Feb. 2, 1974.

The Seneca County Museum was built as a mansion by Tiffin’s first millionaire, Rezin Shawhan, and later was the home of the Troxell family. During the Arnold anniversary celebration, the Seneca County Museum returned back to more of a home than a museum, as guests, young and old, toured the huge building and enjoying the many artifacts and displays. Gary and Sandy made the day even more eventful and memorable by generously asking their guests to make a donation to the Seneca County Museum, in lieu of anniversary gifts.

This gesture is greatly appreciated by the Seneca County Historical Society, as we rely completely on donations to keep the Seneca County Museum open. The Seneca County Historical Society would like to wish Gary and Sandy Arnold a very happy 40th wedding anniversary and to thank them, their family and their guests for their generous contributions to the Seneca County Museum.

Mark Steinmetz,


Gift bags thoughtful

This is to express gratitude for The Salvation Army’s Easter gift bag to residents of St. Francis Home. It contained at least 10 of the most practical, small items we all need daily: a thoughtful, generous and useful gift for each one of us.

Thanks for being what Easter is all about,

Flo Trindle,


Tiffin relay successful

April 13, Tiffin Catholic CYO Athletic Boosters hosted another successful 2014 version of the Tiffin Relays. Represented were 10 parishes from throughout the Diocese of Toledo, with a total of 307 athletes ranging from fourth through eighth grades.

We would like to extend a sincere thanks to the following volunteers who gave up their Sunday afternoon for the kids: Michelle, Chris and Michael Casale; Rick, Adam and Josh Recker; Corky Scherer; Kevin Warnement; Jean and Doug Haren; Chaz Boes; Wendy and Frank Laney; Terry England; Barry and Kerrick Fanning; Greg, Lori, Olivia and Tanner Smith; Elaine and Kyle Daugherty; Don and Kathy Hammer; Matt Brown; Brian Berlekamp; the Calvert track team; Sydney Berlekamp; Kerrigan Kwiat; Hailey Kapelka; Alana Kapelka; Scott and Sophie George; Peg, Doug, Quin and Blake Ronski; Buster, Vanessa and Xavier Ardner; Connor Behm; Donavon Stith; Shane and Ren Boehler; Joseph DeAnda; Brayden Harrison; Joey Krajewski; Michelle DeMoss; Kelly Prenzlin; Mike Daniel; Tim DeMith; Mary, Allison and Phil Huss; Denny, Rose and Michael Smith; Joe and Susan Reinhart; AJ Felter and Webster Industries; Todd, Corinne and Taylor Harris; Dustin Lamvermeyer; Steve, Karen and Sara Welter; Dave Lucius; Marc Neilsen; Mark Gehring; and anyone else we might have forgotten to mention.

Thanks to their efforts, this event was once again the benchmark of the CYO track season.


Tiffin Catholic CYO Athletic Boosters