April fool

In the news, April 5, Washington (AP): More than six years after the Great Recession began, private employers finally have regained all the jobs lost to the recession. The employers shed 8.8 million jobs in the downturn; they’ve since hired 8.9 million.

Now, it’s a shame that story didn’t break April 1st because it fits like a glove the letter, “Food For Thought,” the parody of the $100 bill.

All right! We’re back on track, right? Good job, Obama administration! Right!

Whoa! Just a minute! We know many of these new jobs are only paying a fraction of what the jobs lost were paying and are less than 40 hours per week (due to Obamacare), with many people holding down two, three or even four part-time jobs to make ends meet. It should be obvious that with only slightly more jobs and many workers holding down multiple jobs, fewer people are working and we still are behind the ever-loving eight ball. In addition, everything is more expensive and our dollars are worth less. Plus, much of today’s packaging contains less product and at the same (or higher) prices.

Well, golly, if a simple ol’ farmer from Seneca County, in the heart of fly-over country, can figure this out, wouldn’t you think this administration, constantly touted by the media as the most highly educated to ever grace the seats of our government, would hesitate to display these figures with such obvious pride?

But … it did get a second term. I guess you can’t argue with success.

Wasn’t it a former president who said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me?” Well, by George, I believe he had a point there!

D.F. Heimrick,