Wants OEM parts

They say we learn something new every day. Well, today I learned that when you buy car insurance, do you really know the coverage you are paying for? In other words, if you have an accident, the person at fault has insurance and paid good money for the coverage. But when their insurance company has to pay out because their person was at fault, here comes the good or bad part. I have a Ford and I want Ford parts put back on my Ford, but their insurance wants to put aftermarket parts on instead of the Ford parts. The price difference is $35 less on one part for a bumper, but where do these aftermarket parts come from? I have an American car; I don’t want foreign parts on my Ford. I am not saying there are no foreign parts on this car, but if I can help it, I won’t have any more of this junk on my American car.

So, the next time you go to pay your auto insurance, ask if they have the aftermarket policy. Which should be cheaper? They might ask you to leave or pay the full price. The auto insurance company won’t give you a cheaper price, but they want to put cheaper repair parts on your car or truck.

I was told by the at-fault insurance company that if I wanted Ford parts, I would have to pay the extra $35 out of my own pocket. Is this the American way?

I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but I hope to get there some day!

Wilfred L. Frisch,


P.S. The next time your auto insurance comes due, ask for the aftermarket price instead of the real price. Ha-ha!