Trash or treasure

We need to approach the subject of contracting our trash to one hauler with caution; there are questions that need addressed before an informed decision can be made.

My first question deals with a few legal aspects; e.g., will all city residents be required to participate? If so, what are the legal ramifications for not complying? For example, if I have only one trash bag a week or my employer allows me to take my trash to work? Therefore, I do not want to pay $10 or more a month. One bag a week would only be about $1-$2 – or zero if I take it to work. Elderly folks sometimes only have one bag every two weeks. Legal part: Will a lien or some type of penalty be applied to property, or how will non-compliance be enforced? What if I have vacant land, will I still be required to participate and pay the fee? What are the penalties for non-compliance?

What we have been told is this action will benefit the people of Tiffin with lower prices and less road wear. I am not sure the city can do better than zero dollars for trash service.

On the subject of road wear, it appears the city has not done its homework on trucks and legal limits either. State law defines overloads at different levels, based on the number of axles, size of tires and whether it is a semi or straight truck. Trash haulers do not use semis for curb service. Semis are allowed to carry the most weight, so we will deal with the straight trucks the haulers use: a 31-yard truck with two axles in the back, one on the front, can carry the most; legally, around 12 tons; an 8-yard, single-axle in the back and one in the front (most common) can carry about eight tons, all within legal limits.

Beer-delivery semi trucks are not in compliance; they are overloaded with two axles in the front and one on the trailer. Who is tearing up the roads?

In conclusion, you should contact the city and council members and tell them this is a bad idea, not enough information for an informed decision. Don’t take away our freedom of choice based on misinformation. Don’t Obamacare us, we can decide ourselves.

Joel D. Lands,