Stick with FLC

I am writing in regards to the proposal by Tiffin City Schools Board of Education to withdraw from the already established preschool at Family Learning Center to open its own preschool at the former Lincoln Elementary School.

I am recently retired after 32 years of service as an instructor for Seneca County Opportunity Center. I served most of those years as an early intervention specialist, working with special needs babies, birth through age 2.

Many of those babies were referred directly from the hospital, and I assisted in their development until they turned 3. At that time, if they qualified, they could enter preschool.

This was difficult for many parents, as they would be separated from their fragile little ones. But, I assured them, the staff at Family Learning Center had the most experience, training and highest educational degrees of any preschool teachers in the county, and perhaps the state. After those families were introduced to the Family Learning Center preschool staff, they were extremely confident their babies were in capable hands.

In contrast, Tiffin City Schools already has posted the job qualifications for the proposed new preschool. It is seeking beginning-level teachers with little or no experience. This move is being sold as an anticipated cost-saving proposal, but I do not feel hiring less-qualified staff for Tiffin’s most fragile and vulnerable children is the answer.

Debbie Hoepf,