New Riegel sewer

I was working at Farmland Foods, in maintenance, when the sewer project was being constructed in New Riegel. I heard horror stories about it, almost from the start.

I understand Farmland leaving town created a portion of the problems they now are experiencing, but it seems to me there were plenty of problems before they left. While I am not an engineer, or a planner, it would seem logical the contractor should have had to put up a very sizable performance bond to assure work was done properly. If the work was satisfactory, the contractor should be remitted the bond, with interest, and there should have been someone actively supervising this project on a daily basis, to make sure the job was being done properly.

I feel badly for the citizens of New Riegel. I hope the EPA, the town, county and state officials all have learned something for this experience. Let us be on our toes when something like this project or another is planned for our neighborhoods.


Fred Zirger,