New building a blessing

Dear readers,

My letter is long overdue, and it is with much gratitude that I state a tremendous “thank you” to all of the people who made Hopewell-Loudon’s new school building a reality.

I would like to begin by saying “thanks” to the many people on H-L’s committees who helped plan, design and build a new school that would last another 70 years and beyond! Thanks, also, to the people who had a vision for our children’s and grandchildren’s future by choosing technology that is truly amazing. It is exciting to use what was designed and installed for future generations.

Also, thanks to the people who recognized an old and decaying school building was not the legacy our community wanted. This became truly evident to the public during tours and the auction phase of the old building.

In addition, thanks to the parents and community members who desired a school built for the 21st century. Hundreds attended numerous community meetings and voted on many aspects of H-L’s new structure. Thanks to those numerous people who spent countless hours on various aspects of our new and ecologically friendly space.

Lastly, I am so thankful for the Hopewell-Loudon community that goes beyond Bascom, but also extends into Tiffin, Fostoria and surrounding areas. Our new building is not simply a school, but a community where many important events regularly take place, and within these halls are people who make this an excellent place to be! As a community member, alumnus, teacher and taxpayer, it is never too late to appreciate what Hopewell-Loudon has been given and to realize that I am truly blessed!

Thanks again Hopewell-Loudon community,

Deborah Roberts Steinhauer,