Let free markets prevail

We as rubbish (trash) haulers, have questioned the city administration on the proposed city ordinance number 14-16. This was faxed to us March 17, before the second reading. We received this government document as blank or unsigned as “introduced by.” We cannot tell who proposed this ordinance. Is someone staying in the shadows? If it is such a fantastic resolution, why not take credit?

At the Tiffin City Council meeting March 17, I personally questioned the reasoning of a single trash hauler inside city limits. It was brought to the elected city council members that once it goes out for bid, it will not come back to council chambers. The clause of Section 2: The City Administrator is further authorized to execute a contract with the successful bidder; will take it to the next step. At the next meeting, the third reading will take place and the choice of haulers will be stripped from city residents. Once the winning bidder is awarded a contract, a monopoly is in place, and all future prices are dictated by a single hauler for years.

After a prolonged conversation with our waste district OSS director, Tim Wasserman confirmed there is no waste-flow clause in writing. This is to say that an out-of-town hauler, let us say from Toledo, can win the bid and take all the trash and recyclables out of the city, out of Seneca County, even the three-county waste district. There goes local tax base, local government and local business income revenue. This will affect even the friends and relatives who live in the farming community, as area haulers will have to adjust rural, county prices to compensate the loss of payments from Tiffin residents.

This will have a long-lasting, negative impact in the local area. Let the free markets prevail, because once glass and plastic become as profitable as aluminum beverage cans, residents will hoard them for themselves, keeping the cash at home.

Trash professional since burning-barrel times,

Larry S. Lundy,

G.I.B.S. LLC Sanitation Services,