Consider the students

If I am reading correctly, a parent could still opt to send their student to Family Learning Center in the future – or is FLC being forced to close after next school year?

It would seem Tiffin City Schools is competing against itself and the experienced teachers and staff currently at Family Learning Center, unless TCS would be willing to transfer the personnel from Family Learning Center to the Lincoln building and pay their current salaries. It has been common practice for quite some time to hire a first-year teacher to replace a retiring teacher or staff person to save money, but much more appears to be on the horizon in this situation. Other articles suggest TCS would intend to hire all entry-level staff to work at the Lincoln building.

TCS was part of a cooperative effort 20 years ago to establish Family Learning Center. I could be mistaken, because it has been quite awhile ago, but I thought Family Learning Center was to be a kind of an introductory learning experience for a Sentinel student who might have an interest in education. At any rate, FLC is a nice, collaborative effort between several agencies, including Tiffin City Schools.

I am not sure where all of the specific projected costs come from for using the Lincoln building, supplies, special equipment and modifications, but I did notice there was not a projected cost for personnel salaries. There was projected cost savings over a five-year period which sounded extraordinarily large unless all personnel hired at Lincoln building would be entry-year-level employees.

These handicapped students deserve the very best educational setting and the experienced staff who are currently providing services to them. These FLC students rely on familiar staff as they go through their daily educational routines. These FLC staffers rely on their current jobs to make their house payments and contribute to the local economy. They are trained professional and paraprofessional public employees whose retirement system will not be as good as those starting in 2015. There are many emotions and a far reaching impact on many persons’ lives to consider.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Holzhauser,