Career politician

“I have a lot at stake here my career.” So said Rex Damschroder after filing invalid petitions for his re-election campaign. This is an interesting comment from one who has championed term limits and has stated he is not a career politician.

His attitude of entitlement is not what our Founding Fathers, or his constituents, had in mind when they wrote our Constitution. Rex said he will work on legislation to fix this problem. There is no problem. Virtually all candidates have no petition problems. What is his problem?

Is this the way he works for us in Columbus? This is not the first time he has had to fill out an election petition. He has filed at least 15 petitions. This lack of attention to detail raises other questions about his legislative abilities.

His scheme to circumvent petition rules is a farce. This “simple clerical error,” as he stated, is actually a critical error that could not be overlooked by the (Sandusky County) Board of Elections. This act cannot go un-criticized. He is not entitled to the seat, it belongs to the people in the 88th District.

As quoted in the Port Clinton News Herald, “While I do not understand the logic of the law and strongly disagree with it, it is my responsibility to follow the law.” What else doesn’t he understand about his job responsibilities? Failing to follow and understand the Ohio Revised Code is not arbitrary. This cavalier attitude toward election laws is a disgrace to the voters in the 88th District.

John Elder, chairman,

Democratic Executive Committee,

Sandusky County