Building for the future

Recently in The Advertiser-Tribune, I read an article about a proposal for a courthouse to be constructed on the site of the old structure. I think this is a wonderful idea. I long have been a proponent of a new courthouse where the previous building stood. But, I feel that just housing the courts would be a few steps short of letting Tiffin and Seneca County reach its full potential.

Having been a lifelong resident of Seneca County and a small business owner, I have found it difficult to navigate the multitude of small buildings that house the administrative offices. I propose building a larger courthouse that not only could house the courts but also all the Seneca County administrative offices.

Moving all administrative offices to one, centralized location would have many benefits. First: Having a county government that is centralized would make it easier for a business looking to locate in our county to gain access to all government offices rather than trudging around Tiffin from office to office. Second: Money would be saved on heating and cooling because the structure would be new and improved, not like the 100-year-old buildings presently being used. The auditor’s office and all other offices in the bank building could relocate to the new structure and the bank could be razed and a multi-level parking structure could be put in its place.

A multi-level parking structure would help revitalize the downtown area. Anyone who has tried to do business in Tiffin knows there are few parking spaces available. The other office buildings, once they are vacant, could be used as “seed” buildings and could give small businesses a starting point with lower rent which could get them a foot in the door until they got their fledgling business on firm footing to grow and expand.

Tiffin and Seneca County have a bright future, if we just recognize it and do not stop short of its full potential. We would not stop short of giving our children all they need to achieve greatness; why should we stop short of our county?

Phil Frankart, New Riegel, Republican candidate for county commissioner