Bouquets, March 1

Foundation gift tops $20,000

During our lifetimes, we are certain to be touched by cancer, whether through personal experience or that of a loved one or friend. When one deals with cancer, that person and those close to him or her likely will experience some form of emotional distress.

Through the generous and continuing support of Tiffin Charitable Foundation, that support is available locally through Mercy Cancer Center at Tiffin. The center’s Cancer Survivorship Program once again has received needed funds from Tiffin Charitable Foundation in an amount in excess of $20,000 to assist Mercy and Century Health provide these needed services to those in our community dealing with cancer.

The Tiffin Charitable Foundation supports many worthy causes throughout our community and at Mercy Tiffin. The cancer patients and their families truly appreciate the Cancer Survivorship Program.

Karen Gies, manager,

Mercy Cancer Center at Tiffin

Thanks for helping HAND

Feb. 15, Help and Assistance for Neuromuscular Disorders had a fundraiser at Clouse’s Bar in Bascom. The members of HAND would like to thank Clouse’s Bar and all of the people who came together to support our cause. We would also like to give a special thanks to The Advertiser-Tribune for taking time to become educated about our cause and getting our message out to the community through a recent newspaper article,

Our half-and-half ticket winners were Larry and Cathy Kelbley of Fostoria, who won $1,100. Thanks to the generosity of everyone involved, our fundraiser was a huge success, with proceeds of more than $7,000. All of the money raised will help us to grow as an organization and assist those in Seneca County afflicted with neuromuscular disorders.

We are forever grateful for the generosity of people and organizations that have supported our cause and for the overwhelming feeling of community. While holding this fundraiser, we were astounded by the success that HAND was able to achieve due to everyone’s contribution.


Marquita Smith, Micki Criswell, Lacie Criswell, Amanda Fries, Sasha Fries


I was leaving Mercy Tiffin Hospital Jan. 23, and I slipped and fell on the icy pavement. As I lay beside my car, I heard voices from people who saw me fall. They covered me with blankets from their cars to keep me warm until the ambulance arrived. I don’t know who they were, but I would like to thank them for their compassionate efforts on my behalf.

I would also like to thank the EMTs for their quick response in taking me to the emergency room.


Paul Lapczenski,


Balloons give a lift

The residents of St. Francis Home would like to thank those in Tiffin and the surrounding communities who purchased balloons at the Tiffin Kroger store for Valentine’s Day. It was such a joy to see the expression on each resident’s face when they received their beautiful, helium-filled balloon. There also were enough extra balloons to decorate the facility.

The thoughtfulness and generosity of so many people to remember each resident is truly heartwarming.

Leanne Smith, Tiffin

Students support relief

When Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines, local students were eager to support the relief organizations working to assist the victims. Though some fundraising projects were hampered by weather-related school closings in Tiffin, students still were able to raise a total of $1,443.70, which was donated to the America Red Cross.

I would like to acknowledge the groups that organized fundraisers at their schools: the students at Krout 2-3, K-Kids at Noble 4-5, Builder’s Club at Tiffin Middle School, Key Club at Columbian High School and Key Club at Calvert High School.

By participating in initiatives such as these, students learn important lessons about caring for others and helping those in need.

Thanks to all the students, staff and advisers who contributed toward the success of these various projects.

Joe Moore,


Walmart staff to rescue

I would like to thank the staff of Walmart that was working Feb. 19. My parents were shopping in the late afternoon when my dad became ill. Several staff members came to my parents’ aide.

They had just finished celebrating Dad’s birthday and decided to go find a birthday present for their great-grandson’s first birthday. The pharmacist retrieved a wheelchair and took him to the pharmacy so they could check his blood pressure. It was decided he should go to the emergency room. They offered to call 911, but Dad didn’t think it was necessary. The pharmacy staff checked out my parents and watched Dad while Mom retrieved the car. The staff took Dad to the car where Mom was waiting.

It is nice to know there still are people out there who go above and beyond when needed. Thank you, Walmart.

Deb Smith,