Use old-fashioned auction for outdated equipment

It is unfair, especially to senior citizens (and taxpayers), to sell outdated equipment on Many senior citizens, and other citizens, do not have a computer or other electronic equipment at their residence to log onto this website.

So far, all I am seeing on this website is vehicles and not any smaller equipment that any government entities are posting. So it does not appear to be an all-inclusive solution to post just larger equipment there.

The best solution continues to be hiring a local auctioneer to conduct a public auction where bidders can actually examine the equipment before they bid on it. The local taxpayers who actually paid for this equipment have a right to view it first hand. Putting it up on a website makes it less than a public auction and limits participation to those who have a computer, or other similar device, at their immediate disposal.

Certainly, any public inclusive auction can be advertised locally in every way possible including the Internet.

Respectfully submitted by,

Robert Holzhauser,