System poorly installed

Once, again, as I read the morning paper, “New Riegel Sewer Rates to Rise,” I see the mounting cost of poor political decisions. The septic system in New Riegel has been a bungled mess from its creation.

Luckily for me, I live just outside the city limits and am not connected to the system. But I, too, have felt the pain in my wallet. I have had suspension and tire damage to our vehicles. My losses are low compared to the citizens hooked to the sewer.

This public sewer system is a county problem. Just another problem kicked down the road for future political leaders to handle. How did this mess get to the point, and why are the citizens in New Riegel left footing the bill?

This poorly designed and constructed system has never functioned as designed. The system had flow problems before anything even connected. There was ground water infiltration from poor connections and damaged pipes. Time and time again, the citizens were told there was not a problem: It is all right and is working the way it should.

This poorly installed system should have never reached this point. The citizens of Seneca County deserve better leadership. From the day when the water infiltration started, it should have been dropped in the lap of the contractors. Where has the legal action been? Why is there no accountability for the slip-shod installation? Why must the people of New Riegel be expected to dig down into their pockets once again?

In my opinion, this should have been handled on a local basis, within the confines of our legal system. It should be the responsibility of the contractor to make repairs, not the people of Seneca County.

Philip Frankart,

New Riegel, Republican candidate

for Seneca County commissioner