Seek out the truth

Thanks to Michael B. Lange for the letter Jan. 29. It was timely, as well as excellent, and served as a “morning-after pill” to the president’s speech the night before, referred to by one commentator as the “state of the coup” address. Mr. Lange called out our political leaders for their use of lies and tricks, but didn’t mention the complicity of the mainstream media. He used the movie line, “You think that not being caught in a lie is the same as telling the truth!”

The general public also is at fault here, as we no longer demand the truth, but actually promote lies in government by our unwillingness to accept the truth! We allow those who dare to speak the truth to be attacked and demonized unmercifully. Examples: Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, and on and on. Rabbi Jonathon Cahn’s speech at the inaugural prayer breakfast in Washington, D.C., last year on Jan. 21 was ignored because he cared to speak the truth!

Go online and pull these examples up and see for yourself. You don’t have to take anyone’s word these days; it’s all out there, seek the truth. (And it will set you free.)

If you watch the president speak, you’ll see his eyes sometimes seem empty and his facial expressions don’t always change in sync with the words he is reading from the teleprompters. His lies aren’t as polished and I’m always reminded of two things, “If you like your plan …” and the man from South Carolina who shouted out, “You lie!” at one of his speeches as president.

I believe he should borrow from the words of his idol, Abraham Lincoln, and start his speeches with, “The world will little note nor long remember what is spoken here today …” and that, for a change, would be the truth!

Hats off to our local newspaper for the excellent editorial Jan. 30. We are lucky to have a real “people’s” Opinion page.

D.F. Heimrick,