Science is one of God’s gifts

God’s character is indescribable. He is far beyond what any human being can fathom. However, the Bible does give us some details about God and his character.

We know that God is full of love. His grace and mercy are seen over and over again in his word. Focusing on the love of God and his acceptance of us has made many very large churches all around this nation.

But God is far more than simply grace and mercy. He is full of wrath and justice. In fact, because of his love and the fact the impurity of sin cannot exist in his presence, he tells us in his word how to be reconciled to him. He loves us too much to allow us to wallow in our sin. The result would be destruction if he hadn’t let us know.

The Bible is not a science text. In fact, it’s not an historical text, philosophical text or a psychological text. It is, as the Rev. Pam Easterday has said, a love story. However, when the Bible speaks on matters of science, history, philosophy or anything else for that matter, it is perfectly accurate. We’re reading the mind of God, who is perfect in every way.

Science is an amazing gift. Science all throughout history has blessed our world with innumerable gifts such as radio and TV, computers, heart transplants, automobiles and refrigerators. Most of the major branches of science were founded by scientists who were devout followers of Jesus Christ or, at the least, believed in their Creator.

However, the alleged science that tells us we came about through multiple changes from pond scum – that is the theory of Darwinian evolution – has not benefited the world in the slightest bit. There is nothing evolutionary beliefs can claim has improved our world.

Generally, the examples of “benefits” from a belief in universal common descent are misrepresented and show misunderstanding of what we’re talking about. Vaccines and antibiotic resistance do not show us at all that man evolved from bacteria over billions of years.

I’m always glad to see the Rev. Easterday print in the paper on evolution. It’s an opportunity to share what I believe is the truth. The discussion has never been science vs. religion. To suggest such is disingenuous.

Science and its studies were birthed by God-fearing individuals. It’s a clash of worldviews only and has nothing to do with science, because both sides use faith and science as they choose. The evidence used to support Darwinian evolution is the same evidence used by creationists to support creation theory. It is simply looked at and interpreted differently. The more we learn about the complexity of life, the more the case for Darwin’s theory looks more like a fairy tale.

Steve Risner,