Save FLC preschool program

Nearly 20 years ago, four agencies – Seneca County MRDD, WSOS Head Start, Seneca Wyandot Office of Education (currently NCOESC) and Vanguard Sentinel Career Center – had a vision and came together to develop an outstanding early childhood center for the children of Tiffin and Seneca County. The Family Learning Center at Sentinel is the result of that vision.

The FLC building was specifically designed for the services that are provided for these children. The collaboration of these agencies has provided excellent service to area children since 1996.

If Tiffin City Schools does not continue to send its children to the FLC at Sentinel, this building will be nearly empty, which would be tragic given all of the resources that went into creating this center. The high-quality staff that has been developed over the past 18 years will not easily be replicated for those Tiffin children. Is it worth jeopardizing this center just so that TCS administration can have direct control over their early childhood program? This also would affect the many other area school districts that send their children to the FLC at Sentinel.

As a taxpayer and as a 24-year member of the Vanguard Sentinel Career Centers Board of Education, it is my hope the leaders of Tiffin City Schools and the NCOESC will come together to support the Family Learning Center at Sentinel for its intended purpose, and to leave the Lincoln building closed so TCS taxpayers continue to save the dollars that made the closing necessary two years ago.

Don Ellis,

Old Fort