Missing signature adds race to ballot

A couple weeks ago, it looked like the only contested races on the Seneca County ballot would be for county commissioner and some GOP Central Committee posts.

Now, add representative from Ohio’s 88th House District to that list. In addition to picking between Mike Kerschner and Phillip Frankart for commissioner, Republican voters in all but Loudon and Big Springs townships can nominate a candidate for the 88th district.

But they’ll have to write in the name of their choice – Bill Reineke or Rhonda Damschroder – and the latter is a stand-in for the incumbent, Rex Damschroder.

The winner would face another write-in, Bill Young, who has filed to run as a Democrat. Young opposed Rex Damschroder in 2012.

The names of both nominees, however, are to be on the general election ballot – provided they get at least 50 votes in the primary.

Ironically, Rex Damschroder’s political future – jeopardized because he neglected to write his name on a nominating petition – could depend on others writing his wife’s name on primary ballots.

There are plenty of other reasons to cast a ballot in the May election; school levies pretty much cover every precinct in the county. But the error that resulted in the write-in candidacies will make it more interesting, and technically challenging.