Think about it

People recoil at the mention of the Nazi death camps of World War II, but few know of the program that paved the way. Prior to the war, Adolf Hitler secretly authorized a program of “genocide through euthanasia,” the “Action T4” program. Government-appointed health care “experts” decided what was “effective” care with “cost effectiveness” foremost in mind, ruling out “inappropriate” treatments.

(If that sounds familiar, it should, for the proposals currently found in “The Affordable Care Act” follow them in virtual lockstep.)

With the stroke of a pen, millions were consigned to death, and the program gradually expanded to include “undesirables.” The killing proceeded with the utmost cost-effectiveness and professionalism. (Google “nazi T4 program.”)

Americans, however, ignore the number of lives deemed “unworthy” that are ended each year with their tax dollars. (Go to and see for yourself.) Was not cyanide gas in 1939 more humane than partial-birth abortions today?

Remember Dr. Jack Kervorkian, who assisted some 130 voluntary suicides in the ’90s? He died in 2011 at age 83, having spent eight years in prison convicted of second-degree murder. He was just ahead of his time!

How fortunate that today, we are “enlightened” and “progressive.” We will never have to make that “end of life” decision. Under Obamacare, it will be made for us.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a look at the American Indian.” – Henry Ford

D.F. Heimrick,