Preserve public space in courtyard

Pivotal times exist in the evolution of a community. As Seneca County residents, we are approaching one of those defining moments. The question before us is: What do we do with the great, vacant spot in the center of Tiffin?

That yard where court was once conducted; shall we refer to it as The Great Courtyard? It is a patch of lawn in the center of the county where a building once stood. That building’s fate divided our community. We cannot go back from where we are, we can only look forward.

How do we want the very center of the community to serve our citizens? The Great Courtyard should: be accessible to all; be an attractive centerpiece for the county; lend its self to host of different outdoor cultural activities; and convey a sense of harmony with its surroundings. It should not be an eyesore, expensive to maintain, serve a narrow purpose or planted to asphalt.

With or without a building, I envision a pedestrian-friendly green space that serves host to an assortment of activities such as veranda concerts, jazz festivals, art displays, vigils, public gatherings and farmers’ markets. This special spot could be host to all of these types of activities and much, much more.

The time to incorporate public use in this public spot is right now. Let us take this divisive courthouse yard and make it a symbol of community. I am interested in hearing people’s thoughts.

Email me at thomas4commissioner

Shayne Thomas, Tiffin,

candidate for Seneca County commissioner