Maintain civility at games

I would like to take this opportunity to get the attention of the area schools to address the possibility of serious trouble breaking out at sporting events, with basketball being the biggest possibility. The problem is developing because of deliberate attempts to annoy the visiting school by allowing the host school’s fans to sit in front of what is clearly marked the visitor’s section. Sometimes, the visiting school will even try to do it to the host school.

With emotions running high in a closely contested ball game, the last thing needed is for this group of fans to be deliberately trying to annoy or intimidate the opposing school. Taunting should never be part of any sporting event, whether by players or fans. I like to go to games when the fans from both schools are really into the game, cheering for their school, but you should still give respect to the opposition.

I believe every local school should have an athletic director, principal or superintendent who will see that their school is not part of the problem by keeping their fans in the area designated for their school. If proper respect is shown to other teams involved, then we are more likely to see, after the game, fans from both schools shaking hands and talking about the game in a friendly manner.

Philip Miller,