Happy with center’s care

If you ever consider putting your loved one in a nursing home, please consider Ruffing Family Care Center of Bloomville. My mother has been there since April and I visit her every day. They show love and care to each resident, and almost every day there are activities for the residents to do. There is bingo, music, people who come in and play instruments, parties, celebrate birthdays, Christmas with Santa and presents, Thanksgiving dinner with family. In the summer, there are many outings to restaurants, fairs or walks around Bloomville to the ice cream place and lots more things.

The nurses and nurses’ aides couldn’t be any nicer. They answer any questions you have and their main concern is you and your loved one. Your loved one is their loved one.

The food is excellent, too, and also the kitchen staff.

When your loved one dies, they are there for you, sharing your tears and sorrow. They show so much compassion.

So, please consider them for your loved one’s next home, you won’t be sorry.

Thank you,

Stevie L. Zellner,