Be the blessing

Some thoughts I’d like to share, along with a challenge as we start the New Year. Our country is being led to remove God from our thoughts and not recognize our right to religious freedom.

Our country was founded on faith in God. He is in the pledge of allegiance, the constitution, our national anthem and on our money.

Unborn babies sometimes are killed and acknowledging God is discouraged. If you look at events of recent decades, you will realize our turning away from God is leading to our destruction. School and public shootings, natural disasters, unrest, deadly protests and on.

A couple months ago, instead of wishing someone a good day, I started saying, “God bless your day” or “God bless you” to store clerks, etc., as well as those I know. Most respond positively or wish me the same. Only a couple seemed caught off-guard. It takes a little practice, but worth the feeling of acknowledging God.

It is a small thing, but I feel can have a significant impact. My challenge to you is to do the same. It’s a little thing that could make a difference. After a couple times, it comes easy.

When out and about the last couple weeks before Christmas, I could sometimes feel the positive energy of the season. Being the “blessing” in whatever form can help keep that spirit alive all year. Never more have we needed it.

I conclude with a quote from a dear friend in a recent note that blessed me: “It is good to be a Christian and know it, but it is better to be a Christian and show it.”

May God bless us all and strengthen our resolve to acknowledge and turn to him.

I am very grateful to live in a strong faith community like Tiffin. I also praise God that we continue to display the nativity in the center of town at Christmas time.

Mary Reimer, Tiffin