Keep service functioning

I was just sickened to hear the radiation oncology service line at Mercy Cancer Center was closing. Four years ago, I needed and used that service for 35 radiation treatments. It was a very nice place, and the technicians and doctors and nurses couldn’t have been nicer.

I did my treatments on my lunch hour, so I didn’t have to miss any work. I got in and out within about a half hour and still had time to get something to eat.

If I would have had to go to Findlay or some other city every day, just look how much work I would have missed, not to mention the expense of driving there every day.

I have to agree with a previous letter that was submitted about the equipment being too old and not up to standards; it really isn’t that old and it has been working fine until now. I, too, think they could continue to use the equipment they have and collect funds and/or donations for some new, more advanced equipment and still be able to service patients until they could purchase new items.

The powers that be don’t understand what an inconvenience this is to a patient who is already fighting a very devastating disease. I was fortunate enough to live here and be able to drive there every day, but there are some people who have no way other than relying on family members or other means of transportation, which they must pay for, to get to their appointments on a daily basis.

So, please, if there is any way possible to keep this service functioning, please, please, please, let it continue.


Dixie Feasel,