Foreshadow Over the Land

In the early ’60s, there was a made-for-TV movie that, over the years, repeatedly struck a nerve with me, “Shadow Over the Land.”

I doubt one person in a thousand will remember this movie, but it to me seems almost if the writers had some sort of time machine that brought them into today’s world and then into the not-too-far future. Due to the nature of this movie, it would not be made today, and I doubt the writer would retain employment for even suggesting such a screenplay, as it would not fit their Political Correct Party Line.

The story line for the movie, as I said, seems to be based on our present-day political situation and the unintended fallout of government intervention.

There is an ultra-liberal leaning president, gee, like President Barack Obama; an ultra-liberal senate majority leader, similar to Harry Reid; and, believe it or not, an ultra-liberal female speaker of the house – does the name Nancy come to mind? Please, ladies, I am not down on someone named Nancy just for the given name. So they had it pegged two out of three some 50 years ago.

The train wreck of America started when those three decided there needed to be something done to fix problems in this country. So they packed the courts with their own kind (aren’t they trying to do that now with the change in the Senate rules?) to circumvent the law. Used the same thing that liberal judges are doing now; it is not what the law says, it is what the judge says it means, end of story.

Elaborate social programs were instituted to expand their voter base; yes, they instituted an instant citizenship program for immigrants and, believe it or not, they described a health care system that mirrored Obamacare, with the difference being if you were below a certain income level, you got free health care. Thus, it insured that the ultra liberals had control of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.

And as you can see, the working class, the ones paying the bills, soon got sick and tired of the loss of their independence and started to voice their opinions and tried to fix things via using the system, the Constitution. Needless to say, the unholy trinity then declared martial law, “for the protection of the people,” and anyone making statements against the system was rounded up and put in “re-education facilities.” Strangely, no one ever saw these rounded-up persons ever again; it is up for you to connect the dots here, folks. One group was rounded up for publicly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

As the movie progressed, armed revolt began, and was brutally countered by the Special Police, and their own military arm of the New Socialist States, a carbon copy of the Gestapo and SS of Nazi Germany.

One thing that will stick with me till my dying day is the final scene: A young man on a team attempting to free the captives at a re-education facilities is gunned down after he lowers the flag of The New Socialist States and is running up the Stars and Stripes. The final comment of the movie was scrolled, and if I remember right, Charleston Heston narrated, “The second revolution for freedom has begun by the American peoples against tyrants.”

We the people have unwittingly elected incompetent and self-serving politicians who will stoop to any level to ensure their power. It is time to clean house in Congress before “Shadow Over the Land” goes from a made-for-TV movie to a documentary.

Thomas J. Heer,