Counseling helps students

For the past several years, the Tiffin City School District has been the recipient of funds from the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board for a school-based counseling program. Professional mental health counselors from Wyandot Counseling and Associates meet regularly with our children who struggle to cope with the demands of learning due to the effects associated with mental health problems. With the funds, children receive comprehensive counseling services during school hours. The counseling sessions are very confidential and parent permission must be obtained prior to the sessions beginning.

Through the academic gains witnessed by staff as a result of the counseling services, all members of our school community recognize this program is extremely important to the success, well-being and academic achievement of our school-age children. We see the extraordinary and remarkable progress made by our students, which becomes reflected in the grades of the children who receive the service.

The staff of the Tiffin City Schools would like to thank Nancy Cochran and the members of the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board for their continued financial support. These funds guarantee that our children will maximize their academic potential by eliminating mental health barriers which impede the learning process. We are very appreciative to the board for funding our program and enhancing the overall well-being of our students, families, and ultimately, our community. We would also like to thank George Sakash and Wyandot Counseling and Associates for providing expert counselors for our students.

Ultimately, we thank the community for supporting the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board mental health levy. Without the levy support, our children would not be the recipients of the quality mental health services provided on a daily basis.


Scott Urban, director of instruction/personnel

Robert Boes, principal at Tiffin Middle School

Mark Verroco, principal at Tiffin Columbian High School

Kelly Stahl, principal at Washington K-1