Avoid holiday stress

When the holidays are upon us, it’s a time for parties, travel, food and family get-togethers. But for many people, the holidays can be a source of stress and depression. Holidays can be a difficult time for people and can bring up sad memories. Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services of Seneca County would like to provide a few ways to help you cope.

One thing that can help is to simply be aware of the fact holidays can trigger stress and depression, and you can’t force yourself to be happy. If you’ve recently lost a loved one or a job, or if you’re unable to be home for the holidays, it’s normal to feel grief. Sometimes, if you accept this, you’re more likely to take steps to manage the problems.

It’s also important to avoid overspending during the holidays. Don’t feel everything has to be perfect, as this often leads to disappointing results.

If you are being treated for depression, anxiety or other mental health problems, make sure you have a support structure in place. Family, friends, and church and community groups can be sources of help during this time.

The single most important service Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services can offer is first-line support for people facing a mental health, drug- or alcohol-related crisis. Firelands offers 24-hour access to emergency services through the hotline at (800) 826-1306.

In addition, Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services would like to thank the Mental Health & Recovery Services Board of Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot Counties for its funding support as well as the voters in Wyandot and Seneca counties for their support of our levies.

Don’t let the holidays become something you dread. Instead, take steps to prevent the stress and depression. With a little planning, you may find that you can enjoy the holidays.

Robin Reaves and staff,

Firelands Counseling & Recovery

Services of Seneca County