You can make a difference

My mother (in 2001) was cared for by Community Hospice Care of Tiffin when she was passing, and our family was so grateful for the support and care they provided for, not only my mom, but for our family. It was then I decided to become a volunteer.

Dad, just as recent as September of this year, was warmly embraced and supported by Community Hospice Care and staff. He has since also passed.

My feelings were mixed but, Community Hospice Care, providing all that was needed, assisted us with this transition. I decided I wanted to be a part of what they did. I since have gone through training and have become a part of that love and support that plays a vital role in becoming part of the Hospice team.

Hospice and palliative care combines the highest level of quality medical care with emotional and spiritual support that each family needs when facing the end of life!

Many of our volunteers began their own journeys in the same way, along with more than 458,000 volunteers throughout the country bringing comfort, love and respect to those in need.

When I arrive at someone’s home to provide care and offer respite, I feel fulfilled in returning to assist others in making a difference in their lives by providing the same essentials provided to me. Taking time for others, being there for them, just touches my heart knowing we DO make a difference. Helping and assisting others seems so natural.

I have met several wonderful families over the years. We have shared stories, I have learned to view life through each of their eyes, raising my own personal horizons in assisting future families. We have laughed, we have cried at times, and things just seemed so much easier when able to share with others such compassion and companionship.

November is National Hospice Palliative Care Month, an important time to assist others. Community Hospice Care plays an important role in the lives of Seneca County. It is never too late or too early to learn about the services we provide, not only as a volunteer, but as a team. We each play a role in the outcome of being, simply put, compassionate and devoted. For more information, please contact Community Hospice, 181 E. Perry St., Tiffin, or call (419) 447-4040.

You can make a difference, not only to the quality of life to others, but in your own life! A willingness to serve makes all the difference!


Deborah (Kiesel) Elchert,