True or false

This letter is in response to (Bob Murray’s) “Autumnal rebuttal.” In it, he states “many of the author’s views are either partial truths or else completely false.” Yet on the subject of abortions and Planned Parenthood, he writes:

“There you go, Ms. Schreiner – bringing up your own personal bogeyman a group that spends 35 percent of services (11,400,000 in 2009) on contraception, 35 percent on screening for sexually transmitted diseases, 15 percent (almost 2,000,000 services) on cancer screening (mostly cervical and breast), 10 percent on prenatal health and, oh yes, 3 percent on abortions”.

I’m not really sure how you “spend” a service. I submit the following excerpt on the subject from PolitiFact:

“First, we think many people would acknowledge a difference between providing an abortion and, say, handing out a pack of condoms or conducting a blood test. The former is a significant surgical procedure, whereas the latter are quick and inexpensive services. So Planned Parenthood’s use of “services” as its yardstick likely decreases abortion’s prominence compared to what other measurements would show. Using dollars spent or hours devoted to patient care would likely put abortion above 3 percent in the calculations.

“Second, it’s worth noting that Planned Parenthood self-reported these numbers, although the group says each affiliate’s numbers are independently audited. (There is no single, national audit.) So we have no choice but to accept their accuracy more or less on faith.”

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s No. 1 provider of abortions, providing 333,964 abortions in its last reporting year.


John Bright,

rural Fremont