Help hospice the United Way

Although death is the final stage of life, most of us are uncomfortable and (many times) unwilling to face the inevitable. Death is not something we deal with on a daily basis, and many times the individual who is approaching the end and the family members face emotional challenges that are beyond their ability to cope.

For more than 30 years, Community Hospice Care has been providing support and care for persons who are in their last stages of life due to incurable diseases. The sole purpose is to make them as comfortable as possible. Community Hospice Care provides for the physical needs of the patient and addresses the emotional needs of the family unit, believing that with appropriate care, patients and family can attain a great deal of mental and spiritual preparation for death.

Such was the case when my aunt died a few years ago. My wife and I were grateful for the assistance and consultation of Community Hospice Care. We were able to meet the needs of my aunt, make her comfortable and maintain her dignity in the last weeks of her life. Without CHC, it would have been very difficult.

Most people do not realize there is a big difference in hospice services. Private hospices bill the patients for their services. Community Hospice Care provides all of their services free of charge. CHC does not charge the patient for anything. The patient’s family never receives a bill for drugs, supplies or nursing services. Instead, Community Hospice Care relies on reimbursement from Medicare, the patient’s health insurance (if it exists), bequests and – most importantly – upon private donations.

As a United Way agency, CHC depends heavily on the generosity of the community. Without this needed support, CHC could no longer exist. Please consider the good works of Community Hospice Care when making your pledge to United Way this year.

Jim Boroff,