Thanks is not enough

The following volunteers took part in this year’s spring plantings and maintaining of the city entrance signage, city parks and the downtown landscape flower containers for the city of Tiffin. They have spent countless hours of their own time to make sure this city looks fantastic, and showing their pride and personal mark by maintaining their areas. Even when the days are hot, they were there watering, weeding and beautifying the city.

Kelly and Blair Fuller, Dave and Margaret Murray, King’s Glass Service LLC, Urban and Pat Elchert, Amy Boumaig and Sons, Julie Hersh and family, Old Fort Bank, Old Trinity Sunday School, Beth Shanabrook and the late Larry Shanabrook, Laurel Weaver, Boy Scout Troop 443, Tiffin Lions Club, Croghan Colonial Bank, Randy and Christy Wiser, Blossoms and Butterflies Garden Club, Gase and Carley families, Tim Meeker, Mike Brown, Merre Phillips, Brenda Mesnard and anonymous volunteers at Hedges-Boyer Park entrance off of Coe Street.

The city of Tiffin and the Shade Tree Commission wish to say “thank you” to all of our volunteers who have taken part in this beautification project for our city. Some volunteers have been involved for the second year of this beautification program. We are very grateful for all of their dedication and service on this ongoing project. This is the city’s second year establishing the volunteer helping hands landscaping program. This program has saved the city of Tiffin more than $15,000 each year for the last two years. In the past two years, the plants have been donated by NorWesCo Greenhouse and Molyet’s Farm Market.

We want to especially commend Tim Meeker for his leadership role in the new and improved landscaping along Frost Parkway and Rotary Park, along with his volunteer helpers. Tim’s knowledge of plants and landscaping and creative skills have transformed the landscaped area along Rotary Park. There was much time and effort involved when the poison ivy had taken over much of that area. Tim was able to kill off the poison ivy, take cuttings off of old plants, and re-root and re-plant with new and old plants. A special thanks goes out to Alan Bilger for watering the downtown plants, along with Tim.

As you are driving through downtown Tiffin or any of the city entrance signs, we are hoping that you have noticed and enjoyed the beauty that has been added for all because of the efforts these volunteers have made.

Debra A. Reamer, city administrator,

and the Shade Tree Commission