Share the road

I live out of state, but Tiffin is my home. I love coming back for visits, especially this time of year. I’m an avid runner, along with other members of my family, and one of our favorite ways to spend time together is going for long runs and reminiscing about growing up in Tiffin.

But on a recent trip home, I was struck by the way drivers in Tiffin treat people on the road. Several times on different runs I could make out the color of the drivers eyes because they were so close! There was absolutely no attempt to “share the road,” even if they were the only car on it!

I understand there is responsibility of people exercising on the road to get over or off when there is traffic. However, that goes both ways. It became very obvious who exercises and who doesn’t.

Drivers who show no consideration fall in to one of four categories: Rude, lazy, stupid or distracted. Please give us some room and let us live to see another run! I hope that my next trip home, my runs are a little more enjoyable and much safer.

Love you, Tiffin!

Michelle Gandy,

Florence, S.C.