Lost dog shot, dies

This letter is dedicated to all those who unjustly lost a beloved companion.

Tiffin’s Hedges-Boyer Park: a place for children to play and for pets to be walked. But how safe is this area?

Not even a cornfield away is a man firing guns at free range, legally. My best friend, Mya, who happened to be an almost 2-year-old Husky puppy, lost her way and managed to find herself on this man’s farmland located less than a mile away from our Hedges-Boyer Park. The news of her disappearance was brought to my attention immediately.

Friends and family gathered in desperate search for Mya. Due to Mya’s love for adventure and play, she stumbled onto this man’s property and was shot at four times. Considering the area and close proximity to the park, Mya’s search party could have easily been at risk of being a target as well, being in the “wrong place, at the wrong time.”

Mya would have caused no harm to anyone or anything. She has been exposed to all types of animals and children and never once displayed any aggressive behavior. She was a beautiful and extremely domestic animal.

This man shot to kill, aiming for her chest. While he believed he was protecting his assets, he completely crushed mine. The value of his property is just a number. Mya’s value of worth was immeasurable to her family and friends.

When Mya was traced back to me, she was rushed to a local vet, where she was misdiagnosed and left neglected. The vet who was to treat her “missed” an entire bullet wound to her neck and left my gunshot-wounded friend unsupervised for hours at a time, even after the request for referral was denied.

Twenty-four hours later, the second bullet wound was finally noticed and I was left holding my wounded puppy with labored breathing in the back seat of my car as we traveled to Columbus for proper care.

Within 10 minutes of her arrival at MedVet ER, Mya passed away. Had she been properly treated, Mya may have survived this tragic event.

Please help me take a stand against shooting so close to our public parks and to stand out against negligence of a local veterinarian. Visit “Mya’s Story” on Facebook, her justice page, for more information on how to prevent this from happening to your family member.

Angela Reino,