Headstones would be wise use of funds

In the Wednesday, Sept. 25 article titled “Board learns about county debt” Commissioner Fred Zoeller asks for $12,500 to pay for a “study” that is being conducted for SR 53 and the board approves, but the board won’t approve $400 more to complete the cemetery project that has been done by Boy Scout Troop 444 and many volunteers. Jeff Wagner and Holly Stacy are opposed, and Wagner was quoted to say it is not “the wisest use of taxpayer dollars.” But $12,500 is a wise use of money for a “study.” If it had not been for a concerned citizen who felt the dead needed to be honored and the old “potter’s field” needed to be maintained, it would still be but some broken headstones with forgotten people who lived in Seneca County. I personally know many of the volunteers and Scouts who have given countless hours of free labor to improve something the county should have been taking care of all along.

Jane Cummings,

105 Schonhardt St.