Consider giving for a brighter future

I have been executive director of Community Hospice Care for over 23 years. In these 23 years, I have seen first hand how the Tiffin-Seneca United Way works and how it makes a difference in so many lives – it literally has aided dozens of Community Hospice Care patients over the years. Our theme this year is “Lighting the Way to a Brighter Future!”

The gifts of United Way allow hospice to care for the terminally ill compassionately, without any regard to costs. We care for patients and never send a bill to them or their families. The last thing a dying patient needs to worry about is the money and bills coming in.

If each citizen in our community would consider giving a few dollars a year to the United Way, we would all reap the rewards of a better community in which to live. The dollars you give today may benefit you or your family tomorrow. You can “light the way to a brighter future” by donating to the United Way. Won’t you consider giving just 50 cents a week? This will matter greatly to a patient who is dying in our hospice program.

Rebecca Shank, RN,

executive director,

Community Hospice Care