Candidate’s reply

Oct. 2, The Advertiser-Tribune sent out a questionnaire to all election candidates asking the same question, and wanted the reply by Oct. 18.

The question was, “Why are you running and what strengths do you feel you will bring to the office?” I faxed in my response to the question Oct. 15; somehow, my reply was overlooked and not printed with all the other candidates’ statements.

I feel that taking care of issues in a timely fashion is important. That’s why it bothered me so much when I opened the paper and saw “didn’t reply by the deadline,” especially after doing my door-to-door campaigning, asking residents to watch for it on the 20th. I knew I had faxed it in and I sent straight to work to see if I had the fax verification stating the fax results and, sure enough, I did; it stated it went through OK.

My reply to the question is: I am running for Clinton Township trustee because I feel we need an experienced leader to guide us for our future. I have gained a lot of experience in planning, maintenance and working with others. I believe planning for our future starts now, and preventative maintenance on our buildings, equipment, roads and ditches are important for cost savings down the road. We must look to the future to maintain a balanced budget for our fiscal stability.

Thank you to The A-T for allowing me to put this in print and thank you to all the residents for your time and nice words during this campaign. Please re-elect Jim Distel for Clinton Township trustee.

Jim Distel,

Clinton Township

Editor’s note: The candidate’s reply was received before the deadline, but a cover letter with his name and phone number did not arrive via fax; now, it has been verified.