Yield the field

I have a child in the Tiffin Columbian Marching Band and attend most of the home games. After the last home-game win, I noticed something that I do not think was very respectful on the football team and coaches part. The band was on the field playing its victory song and the football team ran through the band formation on their way to ring the victory bell. There were quite a few close calls where football players almost knocked over band members.

I feel it was very disrespectful and unsafe for the football players to run through the band. I know they were excited about their win, but it would have been just as easy and much more respectful and safe to run to the track and on to the victory bell. There also were quite a few coaches and, I would guess, their family members on the field while the band played after the game. Would it be so hard to stand off the field and on the track as a show of respect for the band?

Michael Meadows and Christopher Kanney and all of the band and flag squad members put many hours into learning all the routines and performances. You don’t see the band running onto the field when a touchdown is scored. The football team and the coaches should show some respect for the hard work the band does and all the additional fun they bring to each game.

Wendy Warnock,