Join the committee

I ran for the position of Seneca County commissioner for one purpose: to make a real difference in the lives of the people who reside and work in Seneca County. I have watched Seneca County officials evade difficult decisions, ignore “hot” topics and talk about ways to promote our county, but have taken no real positive action to move us forward. I feel compelled to ask you, Do you believe there is sufficient opportunity to obtain a job that pays a good, living wage and creates an environment of stability and long-term growth? Do you believe local government has everything in its power to promote economic growth in our community? My answer to these questions is a resounding “no.” I do not believe we can shrink ourselves into prosperity.

As elected officials, we must find a way to increase the revenue to our county (find and keep new businesses), we need to review initiatives that have been tried and have succeeded in the past but are no longer used. We need to look at new programs that we have not yet tried. We need to work harder and smarter than the counties around us and we must all be pulling in the same direction. Many, many of these ideas have been discussed and even proposed in the past. The problem is no one follows through. No one takes responsibility in implementing a plan once it is formulated, or it is abandoned once it is met with resistance.

I desperately want to move Seneca County forward. I need your help. I have committed to one term as a commissioner and am determined to make as much of a positive difference as I can. I am asking for you to get involved in a blue-ribbon committee with me to discuss ways we can improve the economic environment of Seneca County.

Every citizen is welcome to become part of this committee. We will have open and frank discussions about our current condition, past problems and hopes for the future. Our main focus, however, will be what action can we take now that will move us forward.

If you believe in the people of Seneca County, as I do, please join me on this committee by emailing me your willingness to serve at or calling me at (419) 618-2501. I will limit the meetings to no more than one per month and will make sure they last no longer than two hours each. Please give serious consideration to joining me on this committee and help Seneca County move forward again. Together we can make a difference.

Fred Zoeller,