Gluttony as a sport

Last month, I watched a Fourth of July celebration on TV that was, in my opinion, disgusting as well as immoral, and that’s putting it politely. It was a hot dog eating contest! Yes, a bunch of people stuffing as many hot dogs and buns down their throat as they could.

There were several people taking part. Rows of hot dogs and buns by the hundreds were stacked up, ready to be shoveled down someone’s throat. As the contestants were stuffing them down, crowds of people were cheering them on as though they were accomplishing something great. The crowd was ecstatic while jumping up and down, screaming and cheering for their hero.

It was said that sometimes they stuff so many down that they can’t keep them down. The “champion” was able to jam 69 hot dogs and buns into his gut in a matter of minutes. It was described as “major league eating” and the “fastest growing sport in America.”

Fastest growing sport? I thought they must be kidding. But they were not; they were serious. On the news they said “history was being made” and they were described as “amazing athletes.” They interviewed the “champ” and called him a “hero.” Their definition of a hero is different than the one I have.

The hero said that next time, he wants to eat 70. All the while I was watching it, I kept wondering how many kids, through no fault of their own, would have loved one of those hot dogs. I was disgusted.

So that’s my rant for today. Yes, you can tell me that I take it too serious and it’s not that big of a deal, and you are certainly entitled to that opinion. But, when I hear of kids in this country that do not have enough to eat, then to me it is a big deal.


Frank SanGregory, Tiffin