Worried about strays

I live in rural Seneca County and recently noticed two stray dogs on the road where I live. I had called to try to get the dog warden to pick them up because of the excessive heat. I was told nothing could be done unless the dogs were being violent or dangerous.

Two days later, the dogs still were on the side of the road, so my mom and I tried to check and see if they were OK, which caused the bigger dog to rush at me, barking. I warned my neighbors and proceeded to call the sheriff, who said they would contact the dog warden.

As of now, I still haven’t heard from the dog warden and I am becoming concerned for the safety of the dogs and others in the area. Even though this is a rural area, we see many runners, bicyclists and dog walkers on this road. Will it take someone getting bitten before the county takes care of these dogs and gets them the care they need? I am disappointed that we cannot get some preventative help and have to wait for an emergency before we start seeing results. Isn’t this a service our taxes pay for?

Paige Webb,