Simple solution offered

First, I want to say I am not downplaying the water situation on Northwood or Dawn Iannantuono’s “commentary.” My question is, why isn’t the mall being MADE to repair/fix the retaining pond? Wouldn’t a resident in the county be expected to?

Why is there suddenly a focus on flooding on Northwood when there has been flooding on Charlotte Street for years to which the city turns a blind eye, with no resolve to the situation. My dad was 84 and said his whole life it flooded in that area and nothing has been done. This area used to be a peaceful and respectable residential area, but because of the years of flooding and neglect, it has become an eyesore in places.

One house was condemned and had to be torn down from all the flooding. People on Northwood have water in their basement, but the people on Charlotte Street have had to evacuate time and time again. My parents’ home sits higher than most, and I remember (not too long ago, actually) water being an inch from running into the house. A rowboat has even been tied to their porch for neighbors further down to use to check on their homes.

There has been plenty of personal property lost in the whole neighborhood. But still, no one listens. We all thought maybe the new school would help draw attention to the area. Nope … it stops at Union Street. Or when the city repaves, it stops at Second Street.

Residents down the street pay taxes, too. I guess it comes down to politics as usual; i.e., the right name, connection, money in order to draw attention to the flooding issues throughout Tiffin.

Toni L Wagner,