Do not gloss over details

I do not agree with Sister Paulette Schroeder’s opinion that I should strive for solidarity with Muslims. Peace, yes. Solidarity, no. To have solidarity would mean that I (and this Christian-based nation) share a common structure of beliefs with Islam, but I don’t think we do.

Terribly evil people throughout history have loved their family, or fed a guest. Hitler probably did. Terribly evil people have also prayed to gods, and sometimes even to God himself. Those acts in themselves do not mean there is “solidarity” between two different groups.

For a Christian to become a Muslim, he would have to deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, which at the very least destroys any solidarity between the religions … at the most, of course, is the everlasting implications of such a decision. I agree we should always work toward peaceful co-existence and respect for different religions, but do not gloss over specific details and insinuate that Christianity has a “lot in common” with Islam.

Doug Heyman,